C.S. Trading Contract Services

“The fields have done very well this Fall. We have had 12 Upward Sports Flag Foot ball teams using them and even hosted a flag foot ball game with our Singles.

We have had several freezes in the last two weeks, including some down to the mid 20’s F. We have been advised that we because of this we should not do any further work on them with regard to “verti-cutting”, aeration, etc, until the Spring. We therefore do not plan to do that work in November of this year.

Thanks for the excellent work you have done for us on the fields.”

Wayne Clark
Director of Development & Major Projects
Biltmore Baptist Church, Arden, NC

Sisis Veemo MKV vertical mower helps manage Walker Course at Clemson

Dear Ian:

I am writing today to let you know how impressed I am with the SISIS VEEMO MKV vertical mower. As you know, we just recently finished verticutting all of our fairways with the VEEMO, and as I operated it, i began to think about what an excellent piece of equipment it really is.

First of all is the design. You guys seemingly have thought of everything when it comes to making a great vertical mower. The PTO pump, which eliminates a PTO shaft, is an excellent idea. By eliminating the shaft, you have eliminated one of the biggest sources of downtime on the machine and have made operation easier by not having to engage and disengage the PTO every time you need to raise and turn. Second is the frame which seems to support the weight of the oil tank but allows the cutting units to sit on the ground and follow the terrain freely. Next is the ease of the depth adjustment on the cutting units. I like the fact that no tools are needed so that it is easy to dial in the proper depth. I can do it by myself in the field, without taking a bunch of wrenches with me or running back and forth to the shop. And finally, the oil cooler seemed to do a good job as I ran the unit all day in 90+ degree heat with no problems. And speaking of oil, the environmentally friendly oil you run in the machine is another plus.

It’s on thing to design a great piece of equipment, but at the end of the day, it has to do the job and the VEEMO MKV definitely does the job. On a moderate depth setting and moving at a moderate speed (around 3 MPH), we were able to pull significant amounts of thatch from our fairways. However, it would be easy to pull even more material by either dropping the depth or slowing the speed of the tractor. One must be prepared to clean up the vast amount of debris generated, however. On the other hand, it would be an excellent tool for lightly opening the turf canopy prior to overseeding.

Ian, please pass along to the folks at SISIS what a great job they have done with the BEEMO. It is a wonderful piece of equipment that really does an outstanding job. I just wish I had the resources to use it more often! Finally, I would highly recommend the VEEMO MKV to any superintendent or sports turf manager wishing to improve his or her fairways or fields. Please feel free to pass my name and phone number along to anyone who would like to talk to me personally about my experience with the VEEMO.

— Don Garrett, Certified Golf Course Superintendent

The Walker Course at Clemson University

Thatch Control for Ultra-dwarf Bermuda

“The SISIS Auto-Rotorake is a powerful de-thatcher used for many years on golf courses all round the world. The contra-rotation principle was developed by SISIS in the UK in the 1960’s. The cutting reel rotates in the opposite direction to that of a conventional reel mower, which has the effect of throwing the removed thatch forwards, rather than pushing it into the surface. It also holds the machine to the ground, ensuring that a constant working depth is maintained. . .”

C.S. Trading Contract Services

“I just wanted to drop you a quick note to tell you how pleased we are with the Bermuda sod you and your crew installed for us at the Southern Connector Toll Road. It has grown in beautifully and merged with the existing grass so there is no apparent seam between the new and old grass. Many thanks again for the nice work you folks did for us. Our lawn looks great!”

Peter C. Femia
Executive Vice President/GM

Veemos at The Cliffs ®

“Mike bought his first SISIS VEEMO tractor mounted de-thatcher 6 years ago and now has 5 machines, each used 3 to 4 times a year for grooming and verti-cutting the fairways. Mike reports a 50% reduction in the thatch layer since using the SISIS VEEMO, and he now only needs to core aerify once a year.. . .”

University of Florida Research into Treatment of Ultra-dwarfs

“Five years ago SISIS North America was delighted to supply an Auto-Rotorake to the University of Florida. The Auto-Rotorake fitted with the verti-cutting reel was the only de-thatcher used for a research project into UltraDwarf grasses. The Auto-Rotorake has proved very reliable over the length of the project and was found to be the most effective treatment for the removal and control of the build-up of excess organic matter.”

Flexibrush Exceeds all Expectations

“The SISIS Flexibrush exceeded our expectations!” says Matt Shaffer, Director of Golf Operations at The Merion Golf Club in Ardmore PA. Merion bought the Flexibrush 17ft. 6ins. wide brush in May 2006 and plan to use it on their undulating fairways 4 to 6 times a year. Matt Shaffer continues, “We wanted it specifically for working-in top dressings and it has more than met our needs. It works the sand into the holes so well that it is easier on the grass than other brushes which require more passes. . .”

Flexicomb, Is it a rake or is it a brush?

“Designed primarily for use on synthetic surfaces, the Flexicomb ensures even distribution of infill materials and lifts the pile. The adjustable setting ensures the effect of a rake, but with the softness of a brush, reducing the risk of damage to the fibres. The clever design incorporates 60 sets of polypropylene bristles with an adjustable crossbar. Set the crossbar low for a rake effect – raise the crossbar for brush effect. Adjustment is quick and simple. The bristle sections are replaceable and the Flexicomb is designed for a long working life with minimal maintenance. . .”

Tilth N' Seed at Loomis Chaffey School

“Using a vertical action core aerifier, the entire pitch was aggressively aerified, bringing up as much soil as possible. The pitch was then re-seeded with an SISIS Tilth n’ Seed with a 90% Ky. Bluegrass/10% perennial ryegrass mix as a rate o 60lbs./acre. After seeding the field was topdressed and then seeded again with the Tilth n’ Seed with and additional 100lbs./acre of the seed mix. . .”

Multislit Transforms the Greens at Boca West

“The Multislit is used monthly from March through November, three times during May, July and September and often in 3 or 4 directions. Steve says, ‘We haven’t cored the greens in 2 years. I have completely changed my thinking and programs for greens maintenance. . .”

SISIS Maxislit Deep Slitting Keeps Romanby in Play

“Recently Romanby Purchased a SISIS Soil Reliever 54 which is used on the greens once a month, to encourage new roots to grow down 150mm to 200mm. Rob says “It’s quite simply the best machine we’ve bought in 10 years. . .”

Veemo MK2 in Clemson

“I am writing today to let you know how impressed I am with the SISIS VEEMO MKV vertical mower. As you know we just recently finished verti-cutting all of our fairways with the VEEMO, and as I operated it. I began to think about what an excellent piece of equipment it really is. . .”

Veemo Deals with Heavy Thatch in Wisconsin

“The VEEMO has been used with the 2mm blades for heavy thatch removal. The tractor-mounted, hydraulic SISIS de-thatcher was recommended by the late George Hamilton of Penn State, as an alternative to aerification and Scott Schaller thinks it was an outstanding recommendation. . .”

The First SISIS Rotorake

In 1964 the more powerful Auto-Rotorake was introduced with power to the forward traverse. The ARR/18 was recommended for heavy-duty continuous working to “operate into a dense mat of fiber and prostrate growth and cut efficiently below the turf surface.: This was the first Rotorake to offer a choice of reel. . .”

SISIS QuadraPlay with Flexicomb Attachments on Hydro Turf

Environmental Aggregate & Materials Services LLC (EAMS) is an aggregate materials placement services company that specializes in providing unique asset savings solutions for a variety of construction industries.

EAMS has provided Watershed Geosynthetics LLC support in fabricating equipment and developing installation techniques to deliver aggregates for their trademark and patented Closure Turf and HydroTurf closure systems. EAMS is a licensed aggregate installer for Watershed Geosynthetics infill installation for the ClosureTurf/HydroTurf systems.

Specifically, HydroTurf is an engineered revetment solution utilizing specialized synthetic turf; specifically designed to provide armoring of hydraulic structures against high velocity and shear strength. HydroTurf is significantly less costly than typical methods. Construction of the system is rapid and low impact, reducing the carbon footprint. HydroTurf provides an impermeable geomembrane protected by Watershed Geosynthetic’s HydroBinder infill, a fiber reinforced high strength concrete matrix.

Typical applications of HydroTurf are:

  • Levees and embankments
  • Drainage swales and canals
  • Shoreline and bank protection
  • Spillways, slopes, and dams
  • Resovoirs and impoudments
  • Facing slopes and mechanically stabilized earthwalls
  • Golf course cart paths, drain channels, and lake banks

EAMS had the challenge of how to successfully incorporate HydroBinder into the synthetic turf canopy without removal of the material and ensuring that all turf blades are upright and above Hydrobinder’s nominal depth of .6 – .75 inches. EAMS was looking for a unique and effective tool to mechanically provide the installation requirements. Initially, we tried using a standard Greens Groomer brush, however the brooms removed too much material and did not achieve lifting enough turf fibers through the HydroBinder matrix. Thus, it required an enormous amount of hand labor with push brooms to achieve the desired result. HydroTurf’s application can encompass acres of area, so a solution needed to be found to reduce the hand labor time and costs.

Paul Stephens and Ian Camp of CST offered the SISIS QuadraPlay with flexicomb attachments as a potential solution. EAMS purchased the QuadraPlay and used it on a 3 acre hydroTurf project with much success. The SISIS QuadraPlay reduced 90%+ of the hand labor. Specifically, the Flexicomb attachments provided proper incorporation of the HydroBinder while successfully lifting the turf blades through the nominal depth of the Hydrobinder. The final piece of the installation puzzle had been found with the unique capabilities of the SISIS QuadraPlay.

Paul and Ian have been very instrumental and helpful in providing their expertise in synthetic turf attachments. We would recommend evaluating the SISIS line for all synthetic turf applications.

Barry Johnson, President
Environmental Aggregate & Materials Services, LLC
1701 Gresham Road
Marietta, Georgia 30062
(712) 574-3221

SMART Ultra Groomer

“the finish left on the surfaces was as good as the day they were originally installed”.

— Head Groundsman, Grant Shuttle

Advanced Turf Technology (ATT) Ultra Groomers

Matt Dobson of The Cliffs Communities (The Vineyards) SC, USA, bought the Advanced Turf Technology (ATT) Ultra Groomers just as his Champion Bermuda greens were breaking dormancy, the growth was very sporadic and the playing surface was somewhat uneven.

Matt says: “The Ultragroomers have done a great job smoothing out those inconsistencies”

Matt, uses the ATT Ultragroomers: Three times every two weeks, Monday, Wednesday on one week and only the Wednesday the following week, grooming in one direction on each green. The settings he has used have been as aggressive as 2mm (0.079″) but says that he is getting enough benefit at 1mm (0.039′) for his conditions.

With the no “Tool Depth” adjustment, the ATT TM System is a: ” Very good set up and the adjustments as as easy as you could ask for”

Asking Matt if he would recommend the ATT products: ” Absolutely, the Ultragroomers rank up there in the top five pieces of equipment I have used in a 12 year career. I would recommend them highly to Bent growers but would say they are a necessity to Ultradwarf growers.”

DENNIS G860 - Chelsea FC

The Dennis G860 is more than just a mower – it is a sytem that offers a variety of optional cassettes making it a very versatile unit, this is one of the reasons the G860 was selected by Chelsea FC.

“We’ve set very high standards and want the best possible surface here at Stamford Bridge and that includes having the best maintenance equipment to look after it. In my opinion, there is no better machine for stadium use and Dennis is a key supplier for pedestrian machines here. We wouldn’t have used them for the past ten years if they weren’t the best football pitch mower on the market.”

The G860 is just one of range of quality professional mowers offered by Dennis.

DENNIS G860 - Leeds United

“Our previous mowers were a lot heavier and although they were only six years old they were becoming unreliable,” explained Kiel. “We had a Dennis G860 which was ten years old and it’s never missed a beat, so when it came to buying a new mower, we spoke to other groundsmen to see what they were using – everyone we spoke to was using Dennis; so it was a natural choice for us.”

The DENNIS G860 cutting the red zone of a college football field.

“The striping pattern showed up beautifully on TV and many supporters commented on how good the red zone looked and asked what we had done differently”

SISIS Brush-Pro

“We couldn’t use a tractor and attachment because of access to the pitches through a gate and we also wanted to keep outside machinery off the surface as we didn’t want mud brought on to it. There is nothing else like it available on the market and means any of the grounds team can jump straight on and use it.”

“Both synthetic pitches are heavily used by the academy players and also the first team. Because of this machine, we don’t have to rely on a contractor and can use it for our regular routine maintenance whenever we need to”.

— Leicester City FC

SISIS Quadraplay at Central Park Stadium

“It’s the main tool we use for the maintenance of the track between races because it saves us time and labour as it’s so wide. When the time came to purchase a new machine, there was only one choice for us. We love using the Quadraplay because it’s so simple to use with very little on-going maintenance as it has no moving parts as such. Also, the service back-up that SISIS has given us over the years has been exceptional and I know I can get parts, such as new grooming tines, as and when they are required.”

—Central Park Stadium Facilities

SISIS Auto Rotorake MK5

“We wanted to improve the quality of the greens so I searched around the world for the perfect piece of turf maintenance equipment for our club,” said Joe. “The SISIS Auto Rotorake was the perfect fit for what we needed. It is a machine like no other and does a fantastic job removing and controlling thatch on the green. I then contacted CS Trading and their dealer AA Equipment to organize a demonstration.”

“All of the controls are easy to use but the clever thing is that the depth-of-cut adjustment is mounted on the handle to provide precision depth control at the fingertips and on the move. I also like the simple reel change which means that one machine can be used for several different jobs from de-thatching, verticutting or brushing.”

“I’ve been competing for Team USA in the Asia Pacific games in Australia recently and this is where I was first inspired to improve the greens in the US. We were so impressed with the demonstration that we actually kept that machine. We have also received excellent customer support from Ian Camp of CS Trading throughout the purchasing process. The SISIS products are fantastic and I’ve already recommended SISIS to other clubs in Southern California so that they can improve their bowling greens like we have.”

— Joe Regan – Laguna Beach Lawn Bowling Club in California,

Dennis FT610

“We were looking to upgrade our maintenance machinery,” explained Peter, “Our old mower was nearly 30 years old so we spoke with Joe and extensively searched the internet for the best mower on the market. We were particularly interested in purchasing a mower which could also accommodate turf maintenance cassettes, which would give us one machine to carry out a range of tasks. The Dennis FT610 looked to be such a good quality mower.”

“When we researched the Dennis FT610 the mower came out on top of the operators’ evaluations for ease of use, robustness and maneuverability. We were immediately impressed with the ease of swapping cassettes, giving a versatile machine that could improve the quality of our bowls green. Rather than having to maneuver several heavy machines around, our greenkeeping needs could be met with just one machine.”

“It’s a great product and we get great support from CS Trading. I would highlyrecommend the Dennis FT610 to anyone looking after a bowling green.”

—Long Beach Lawn Bowls Club in California

SISIS Multislit Transforms the Greens at Boca West

“We haven’t cored the greens in 2 years. I have completely changed my thinking and programs for greens maintenance.”

“The depth you can go to and not heave, or make the green too soft, far exceeds what you can do with conventional aerifiers. I have been able to increase the frequency of aerifying without damaging the putting surface. We no longer get complaints – in fact we are more likely to be asked how we get the greens so good, so fast!”

“I have changed my thinking about coring and greens management. My programs no longer try the latest and greatest chemicals or fertilizers. Since I’ve started down this path I’m convinced that we have not yet discovered the “best way” to do anything. But we are really on to something with the Multislit. Our surfaces are as good as anyone’s. Please realize when I started here even the newer courses had many issues. We’ve changed them for the better using the Multislit. Now that I’m building new greens on a course, I can’t wait to get my programs (Multislit included) on brand new greens from day one.”


— Steve Wright, CGCS, Director of Golf Course Maintenance at Boca West Country Club in Florida

Mold Aerosol

“The Mold Aerosol went “beyond” my expectations! Not only did it kill the black mold I had outside the house but it cleaned the air as well. I was able to use the aerosol can and spray the mold directly as well as in the air like an air freshener. Thank you Ian and CST for getting me an amazing product hard to find in local stores!”

— Testimonial by Alan H

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