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A DIVISION OF C.S. TRADING, LLC SISIS™ products are renowned for their dependability; tough, sturdy design; long working life; exceptional, all-round performance ~ characteristics which enable turf managers to achieve their objectives with minimum effort. SISIS tines and blades are made from quality materials to be long wearing and to give you optimum results. SISIS™ produces a huge range of machinery for most turf maintenance tasks, including a dozen different aerators; scarifiers; rakes; brushes; top-dressers; sweepers. We also offer versatile, combination equipment so that several operations can be carried out in a single pass – offering economies in both time and money. For more information, you may:

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As a leading British manufacturer of innovative professional grounds maintenance equipment, Dennis helps groundsmen, greenkeepers and gardeners the world over to create their ultimate natural turf surface. Whether it is a national stadium, local village sports club or a fine lawn, your turfs appearance is everyone’s first impression and reflects directly on you. Here at Dennis we share your pride. We have over 90 years of experience helping people create their desired end result. We have invested heavily in the future with new facilities, latest machine tools, people skills and design technology to bring you high performance equipment to meet your exacting needs with a first class back up. We value the trust our customers  place in our brand, product and people and we are continuously striving to exceed your expectations.

Advanced Turf Technology (ATT)

The Advanced Turf Technology Management System (TMS™) has a proven ABILITY to meet the needs of the modern superintendent. ATT’s turf maintenance cassettes are already the preferred solution for hundreds of golf courses throughout North America to all aspects of greens management such as organic matter reduction, grain control, soil/gas interchange, or green speed manipulation. ATT was formed as a joint venture between an international award winning Golf Course Superintendent and a leading UK based engineering company. ATT conceptualize, designs and manufactures in-house using the latest 3D Computer Aided Design software and CNC tooling. For more information, please visit the Advanced Turf Technology website or you may contact us. Precise Path and Advanced Turf Technology have come together to create the ultimate automated greens maintenance system. Visit the Precise Path web site for more information. C.S. Trading, LLC is the sole North American distributor for Advanced Turf Technologies products and turf care systems, and turf maintenance cassettes.

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Infini-System Advanced Turf Technology

TC Group LLC: Triplex Brush Attachments

The TC Group Triplex Brush Attachment fits most Toro, Jacobsen, and John Deere Triplex models. It allows you to brush and mow at the same time catching the clippings. Daily brushing increases smoothness for a true ball roll, and the Triplex Brush Attachment provides the most effective, efficient method of brushing your turf: One man, one machine, two tasks! The “Lock” position allows normal Triplex use without removing brush. The fully adjustable brush head and long synthetic bristles “walk” through the turf, lifting plant blades just before cutting, which reduces grain and frequency of verti-cutting, when used daily. The synthetic brushes resist wear and the elements. And the already durable steel is powdercoated for longer life. For more information, you may visit the TC Group website, or you may contact us.

Grassmats USA

PMD Group was founded from humble beginnings in 2004, since then PMD have continued to grow from strength to strength basing their success on quality of service and product. By 2006 the quality reputation of PMD had grown to such an extent that demand for the market leading products no longer extended to just the targeted customer base of Schools and Councils. This customer demand saw the formation of Grassmats LLP offering the same great service, quality and value for money in grass matting, stable mats, artificial grass and ground stabilisation mesh products to domestic and trade customers alike. Across the UK, Grassmats LLP have now been supplying both domestic and commercial customers for several years and we pride ourselves on customer relations and satisfaction. Working in collaboration with ‘CS Trading LLC’ we are now looking to branch out to bring this well renowned level of service and quality over to you in the USA. If you have any questions then please contact us. Alternatively we have some frequently asked questions with answers that may be helpful prior to purchasing.




The BunkerBLASTER was invented and developed by Mark Winge and Joseph LaRocco who share over 40 years of experience in the golf and new product development industries. The BunkerBLASTER is designed to quickly and efficiently remove water from flooded sand traps and water saturated playing areas throughout golf course grounds. Blaster’s innovative patented technology immediately reduces time, labor and equipment costs for course operators with its ingenious “One Operator Technology”. BLASTER will remove water from an average sand trap simply and effortlessly in a 8-10 minute period. BunkerBLASTER is a product of BLASTER Industries, Inc. located in the Chicagoland area and is sold and marketed worldwide. For more information, you may visit the Bunker Blaster website, or you may contact us.

WOODBAY DynaBlades

PRECISION, DURABILITY, QUALITY.  These three features make our dynaBLADE the best verti-cut blade in the world. Like a diamond, the dynaBLADE stands the test of time.

STRONG BY DESIGN.  Each dynaBLADE is made with the highest quality hand-picked steel, and laser-cut to our exacting specifications for superior toughness and wear.

TUNGSTEN CARBIDE TIPS.  Protect blades from abrasion for extended life and maintain a consistent cutting depth. Optional cutting widths to meet local turf conditions.

SAVINGS IN TIME AND MONEY.  Fewer mower verti-cut head height adjustments and blade replacements will help you save on maintenance costs and make linear aeration a snap!

MOWERS.  Manufactured to fit OEM verti-cut heads including: Toro, John Deere, Jacobsen, Graden, SISIS and many more… Convert that old mower into a dedicated verti-cut mower! Check out our Blade Chart, under Specificationsto find the right blade for your machine.

QUALITY.  All dynaBLADES meet our highest standards of quality control. “As a result of quality and quality alone, Wood Bay has grown to be the largest producer of tungsten carbide tipped turf verti-cut blades in the world.”


FuelMedics makes available different formulas for different fuels: Ethanol Medic (Ethanol Fuel), Diesel Cleaner (Diesel and Bio Diesel) and various deviations for different uses. FuelMedics is obsessed on getting the product to the masses, companies, fleets and governmental applications where the use of our product can save thousand’s and millions of dollars in preventive maintenance and fuel reduction.


DE-OIL-IT is a next generation Degreaser/Degrader that cleans grease, fuel & oil spills found throughout the world better than any others sold today. The following presentation explains how petroleum waste affects us and how DE-OIL-IT is the green solution oil spill eliminator.

DE-OIL-IT’s combination of superior cleaning performance, environmental friendliness, cost savings and safety to the people who are using it clearly sets DE-OIL-IT apart as the environmental cleaning product for the twenty-first century.

DE-OIL-IT products are made in spray bottles for specific use – boat bilge, driveway stain, or oil spill eliminator – or DE-OIL-IT can be purchased in a concentrate and diluted for dozens of varied uses.

INOX & LANOX — The Supreme Lubricant Products

The right industrial lubricant can drastically improve the function and extend the life of your equipment. It is one of the mostly widely and enthusiastically recommended line of grease lubricants for most applications, including use as a marine lubricant.

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