I have finally found the Holy Grail of lubricants –INOX!

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January 7, 2015
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I have finally found the Holy Grail of lubricants –INOX!

“I am a very passionate firearms owner, shooter, reloader and collector. I have used many products to Clean, Lubricate and protect my firearms over the years and thought the ones I used were all great – UNTIL I found INOX MX3 & MX6! These products are unlike anything that I have ever used and not only clean, lube and protect better than any conventional lubricant I have used, but they removed fouling that I didn’t even know was present and allow my firearms to function better than they used to, using anything else. When I bought my first bottle of MX3 to test, I took one of my firearms, that I had recently cleaned and was what I thought was spotless, until I used the MX3 on it!

I wish now that I had taken some photographs of what came out of what I thought was a perfectly clean shiny and pristine barrel. The patches can out Black! On top of these properties, INOX MX3 lub & MX6 grease are slicker, stay put and lubricate better (and longer) than anything I have ever tried. Clean up is also easier as less fouling sticks to the metal, nor imbeds itself as with other lubricants. After shooting hundreds of rounds my guns feel like they were just freshly lubed. This prevents undue wear and am positive will extend the life of my firearms, keeping them functioning better. I have finally found the Holy Grail of Lubricants – INOX!”

Glenn Schaffer.  New York.

INOX MX3 & INOX MX6 are just two from a wide range of products.

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