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Advanced Turf Technology to showcase the TMSystem™ at BTMA 2016

 Advanced Turf Technology (ATT) will be showcasing their flagship product the TMSystem™ at BTME 2016.  Since its inception some 10 years ago, the TMSystem™ has increased its cassette offering, whilst keeping pace with triplex mower manufacturers upgrades.  Alongside this revolutionary product will be the pedestrian version, the INFiNiSystem™, in both 22” and 26” options.

The TMSystem™ is unique and by using the appropriate chassis adaptor kit, is fully compatible with all main-stream makes of triplex greens mowers and lightweight fairway mowers, like John Deere, Jacobsen and Toro.   The chassis is also interchangeable with ATT’s own 22″ INFiNiSystem™

This ATT turf management system consists of a range of 10 SMART cassettes which enable different maintenance activities to take place – aeration, brushing, de-thatching, scarifying, top dressing, grooming, levelling and mowing.  It is a truly multi-functional piece of kit.

The INFiNiSystem™ pedestrian version out performs any conventional mower.  It cuts better; tracks straight; follows undulations; has low weight; can be battery powered or configured as a hybrid; is maintenance and environmentally friendly and offers overall value for money.

With the pedestrian version comes additional multi-functionality.  Whilst all the same SMART cassettes can be slotted into the universal carrier, this unit can also be used as a hybrid, generated by an engine, or made over to pure battery power – for which the low noise output under such power has seen the INFiNiSystem™ being awarded the Quiet Mark.

The 30” INFiNiSystem™ has a similarly designed chassis and range of cassettes. For Sportsturf use the new 30” INFiNiSystem™ has been named the What Kit? ‘Pedestrian Mower of the Year’ *


*’What Kit’ is presented by Horticulture Week

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